Welcome to Northeast Texas Emergency Veterinary Services!

Northeast Texas Emergency Veterinary Services (NETEVS) provides compassionate care to all animals, large and small, when your primary veterinarian is unavailable. We believe that all pets should have access to excellent after-hours veterinary care in case of an emergency. Our veterinary team is made up of experienced local veterinarians and technicians ready to serve you.

If you have an emergency…

1) Call 903-454-9488 if your primary veterinarian is closed.  

No appointment is necessary, but we advise that you call ahead so we can prepare for your pet's arrival. At times, our veterinarian may be on a farm call and not immediately available, therefore, we may refer you to the next closest emergency practice.

2) Carefully load your pet for transport.

An injured pet is unpredictable, regardless of its personality. When pets are in pain, they react instinctively and unpredictably and cannot be held responsible for their actions. If you are having difficulty loading your pet, please call us anytime so that we can give you helpful hints to stay out of danger and keep your pet as calm and comfortable as possible.

3) When you arrive at NETEVS your pet will be triaged.

Please be advised that priority is given to unstable or critical patients. Our doctors will examine your pet and recommend diagnostics or a plan of action for your pet's care. Our team will provide a detailed treatment plan and options to allow you to make the best decision for your pet. With your permission, a deposit will be collected and then diagnostics and treatment will be initiated. Our doctors and technicians will provide you with frequent updates of their condition. We understand this is a stressful and emotional time and we are here to help you in any way we can.

Common Emergencies

Dogs, Cats, & Exotics

Horses & Livestock